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Born in Moscow (Russia) in 1975,

Lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel 


Member of The New Barbizon group (Israel) 2010 - present

Founder of Shmezalel school of art (Israel) 2013 - present 

Founder of The Louvre gallery  (Tel Aviv Israel)  2018 - present  




2000-2003 University of Fine Art (UdK), Berlin, Germany

1998-2000 Institute of problems for contemporary art (ICA), Moscow, Russia

1995- 2000 Russian Academy of Theatre Art, Moscow (set design), Russia

1986-1993 Moscow Art Academic Lyceum, Russia


Solo exhibitions:

2024 Living in painting, curator Koby Ben Meir, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel

2023 Season of rains, curator Ekene Onyema, NgwoCCA, Nigeria

2023 Arad , curator Vardit Gross, Gallery Artport , Tel Aviv , Israel

2022 Here, Now, curator Yivsam Azgad, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

2020 Ray of light, Gallery Inga, Tel Aviv, Israel

2019 Devochki, curator Aya Lurie, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary art, Israel

2019 Red heat, Gallery Iragui, Moscow, Russia

2016  Small works, Gallery Minshar, Tel Aviv, Israel

2015 Table of drawings, exhibition-supermarket, Artport center for Young art, Israel

2014 Painting of tomorrow, Gallery Rosenfeld, Tel Aviv, Israel

2013 Five facts about me, Gallery Iragui, Moscow, Russia

2012 From the wedding to the funeral and back , curator Sarit Shapira, Fresh Paint 5 , Israel 

2012 Times in Acrylic and Oil, Gallery Noga, Tel Aviv, Israel

2010 In search of a lake, curator Haim Maor, The Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Senate gallery, Israel 

2008 Via Hevron, Gallery Iragui, Moscow, Russia

2006 Wanderings , curator Ora Kraus, Rehovot Municipal Art gallery, Israel

2005 Wanderings, curator Ora Kraus, Janco Dada Museum , Ein-Hod, Israel 


 Selected group exhibitions:

2024 Soul Players/ Collectives in Israeli art, curator Zeela Kotler Hadari, Ein Hod art gallery, Israel

2023  Spectrum of lights, Nissima Landau Art Foundation, Tel Aviv, Israel

2022 The New Barbizon, Rosenblut& Friedman Gallery, Madrid, Spain

2022 Individually Collective (With The New Barbizon), curator: Natalia Rizdvenko, Sighnaghi Museum, Georgia

2022 Song of Israeli street, curator:  Orna Yair,  Supreme Court of Israel

2022 Force of Nature, Inga Gallery of Contemporary Art, Israel

2022 We the Women ( With The New Barbizon) ,curator: Hagit Peleg Rotem, TEO, Herzliya, Israel

2021-2022 Anna K, curators: Roni Taharlev, Anna Kogan, Rothschild Fine Art Gallery, Israel

2021 Women portraits (With The New Barbizon), curator :Avi Lubin, Art Cube Artists Studios, Jerusalem

2021 Summer painting Pleinair Pribislav, curators: Hana Sommerova, Jaroslav Grodl, Czechia

2021 Between districts (with The New Barbizon), curator: Iris Mandel, Ashdod, Israel

2021 The 4th Mediterranean Biennale of Contemporary Art, curators: Belu Fainary, Avital Bar Shay, Haifa

2020 Open skies (with The New Barbizon), curator: Avi Lubin, Tel Aviv, Israel

2020 Tabook Festival, Splendid isolation, Tabor, Czechia

2020 2nd Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary art A beautiful night for all the people,  curators: Valentin Diaconov and Anastasia Mityushina, Moscow, Russia

2019 America (with The New Barbizon), curator: Avi Lubin, Gallery HaMidrasha, Tel Aviv, Israel

2018 Museum Zumu, Arad, curator: Milana Gitzin Adiram, Towel's factory, Arad, Israel

2018-19 I to eye, curator: Shir Yamaguchi, The Ruth Youth Wing, Israel Museum, Israel

2018 Museum Zumu, Yeruham, (with Oded Webman), curator: Milana Gitzin Adiram, Israel

2017 Mothers, (with Zoya Cherkassky and Mandy Kunze), Tapetenwerk, Leipzig, Germany

2017 American dream (The New Barbizon), curator: Amy Heft, Visual Art Center, Texas University, Austin, USA

2017 The Kids Want Communism (with The New Barbizon), curator: Yehoshua Saimon, Kunstleraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin, Germany

2017 Regarding Africa (with The New Barbizon), curator: Ruti Direktor, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel 

2017 Back to Life (The New Barbizon retrospective exhibition) , curator: Yaniv Shapira, Ein Harod Museum of Art, Israel 

2016 The Kids Want Communism (with The New Barbizon), curator: Yehoshua Saimon, MOBY, Bat Yam Museum of Art, Israel

2016 The First Congress of Soviet Artists (with The New Barbizon), curators: Avdey Ter Oganyan and Vit Havranek, gallery Tranzitdisplay, Prague, Czechia

2016  Open sketchbooks, curator: Orly Maiberg, Herzliya Museum, Israel

2015  We the people, curator :Rita Kersting, Israel Museum,  Jerusalem, Israel

2015 Printing matter, curator: Vardit Gross, New York Book Fair, MoMA Ps1, USA

2015 Artist book fair, curator: Vardit Gross, Artport Center of Young Art, Tel Aviv, Israel

2014-15 Melting walls, curator: Sarit Shapira,  The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel 

2014  Portraits and landscapes (The New Barbizon), curator: Dorit Levite-Harten, Gallery Circle 1, Berlin, Germany

2014 Vienna Art Fair, Austria

2014 Chicago triangle (with The New Barbizon), curator: Ruti Direktor, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel

2014 New Barbizon- open studio, The New Central Bus station, Tel Aviv, Israel

2014 Drawings in Hura (with The New Barbizon) , curator: Moshe Balmas, Hura Community Center, Israel 

2014 Drawing outside (with The New Barbizon), curator: Haggay Segev, Bar David Museum of Art, Israel (catalog)

2013 Centrifuge, curator Chen Tamir, Nathan Cummings foundation, New York ,USA 

2013 The Second International Mediterranean Biennale for Contemporary Art in Sakhnin, curator: Belu Fainaru, Israel

2013 White nights in Perm (with The New Barbizon) , curator: Marat Guelman, PERMM, Perm Museum, Russia

2013 XXL, gallery Rosenfeld, Tel Aviv, Israel

2013 Beer Sheva Market (with The New Barbizon), curator: Dalia Manor, The Negev Museum of Art, Israel

2012 Artist- Model, in coop. with Zoya Cherkassky, Oranim gallery, Israel

2012 Cargocult (with The New Barbizon), curator: Max Lomberg, MOBY, Bat-Yam Museum of Art, Israel 

2011 Fresh Paint 04, Independent artist’s Greenhouse, Israel 

2010 Art Forum Berlin, Germany

2010 14- th International Moscow Art Fair (ART Moscow), Russia 

2010 Grobman, curator: Rufina Valsky, gallery Kishon, Tel Aviv, Israel

2010 Moscow in a suitcase, curator: Celine Berger, LES SALAISONS, France

2010 Bread and Roses, Gallery Minshar, Tel Aviv, Israel

2008 Destination Unknown, The Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

2000 Ryskraecken, curator: Cecilia Dahlback, SEGMENT, Vasternorrland County Museum, Sweden 


2018 Shmezalel Museum Final , Jaffa, Israel, curatorship, final exhibition of Shmezalel art school

2018 Shmezalel in Yeruham, Israel ( with Oded Webman) 

2017-16 Shmezalel Museum, Tel Aviv-Jaffa,  Israel, directing, an outdoor school of art

2017 Triumph of Painting , gallery Gate 3, Haifa, Israel, curatorship

2013-14  Shmezalel school of Art, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel ,directing


2019 Discount Artistic Encouragement Award, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel

2018 The Minister of Aliyah and Integration's Yuri Stern Prize to Oleh Artists, Israel

2011 Igal Ahouvi Art Collection Promising Artist Award,  Israel

2000 5th Moscow Theatre Festival "The best Moscow debuts», Russia

1999 National Competition of the Russian Society of Theatre Art, Moscow , Russia




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