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01.02.2024-  26.06.2024

Living in painting
Haifa Museum of Art, Israel
Solo exhibition

Curator:  dr. Koby Ben Meir


07.02.2024-  14.05.2024

Soul Players
Collectives in Israeli Art
Group exhibition

Ein Hod art gallery, Israel
Curator: Zeela Kotler Hadari


13.12.2023-  18.02.2024

Spectrum of lights
Nassima Landau Art Foundation, Tel Aviv, Israel

Group exhibition


16.02.2023-  14.04.2023


Artport, Tel Aviv, Israel

Solo exhibition

Curator: Vardit Gross


04.10.2022-  April 2023

Here, Now

Weizmann Institute of Science
Stone Administration Building 
Rehovot, Israel

Solo exhibition

Curator: Yivsam Azgad


18.10.2022- 07.01.2023

The New Barbizon

Gallery Rosenblut/Friedmann
Madrid, Spain

Group exhibition


12.10.2022- 15.10.2022

Distance from the sea

Street art festival in Jaffa Dalet with Museum Zumo

Group exhibition

Curator Milana Gitzin Adiram


03.10.2022- 3.12.2022

Individually Collective

With The New Barbizon

Sighnaghi Museum, Georgia

Group exhibition

Curator Natalia Rizdvenko


12.05.22- 16.06.22

Song of Israeli street

Supreme Court of Israel, Jerusalem

Group exhibition

Curator Orna Yair


19.04.22- 21.04.22


Brno University of Technology, Czechia
Faculty of Fine Arts


04.03.22- 15.04.22

Force of Nature

Inga Gallery of Contemporary Art 
Tel Aviv

Group exhibition

08.03.22- 29.04.22

We the Women

With The New Barbizon 

TEO Herzliya

Group exhibition

Curator Hagit Peleg Rotem

02.03.22- 05.03.22

Art Book Fair TLV
Artport Tel Aviv



Podcast with Polina Atanasov 


28.12.21- 10.01.22

The New Barbizon exhibition 

Tiroche Auction House

Group exhibition

Curator Shulamit Nuss


11.12.21- 11.01.22

Anna K.
Rothschild Fine Art Gallery
Tel Aviv Israel

Group exhibition

Curators Roni Taharlev, Anna Kogan 


29.10.21- 10.12.21

With The New Barbizon 
Woman portraits

Art Cube Artist's Studios, Jerusalem, Israel

Group exhibition

Curator Avi Lubin

14.10.21- 14.11.21

With The New Barbizon 
Women portraits
Community Center Haagra, Neve Shaanan, Tel Aviv, Israel

Group exhibition

Curator Avi Lubin


Publication at Bibinek Revolveru
by Jaroslav Grodl


21.08.21- 15.09.21

Summer painting

Pleinair in Pribyslav 2021

Janacek gallery, Pribyslav, Czechia

Group exhibition

Curators Hana Sommerova, Jaroslav Grodl

16.09.21- 13.10.21

Vysociny gallery, Jihlava, Czechia
Curators Hana Sommerova, Jaroslav Grodl

12.08.21- 13.09.21

Between districts

Beit Arye Klang, Ashdod, Israel

Group exhibition

Curator Iris Mandel


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04.2021- 06.2021

The 4th Mediterranean Biennale of Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel

Group exhibition

Curators Belu Fainary, Avital Bar Shay

05.12.20- 18.03.21

Ray of light

Inga gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Solo exhibition


Splendid observation

Tabook festival 2020, Tabor, Czechia


The New Barbzion in Amsterdam

De Appel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Curator Monika Szewczyk


11.09.20- 26.02.21

2nd Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art
The beautiful night for all the people
Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia
Curators Anastasia Matyushina, Valentin Diakonov


Revolver Revue 120
Interview (CZ)
by Jankel Jakov



The book Devochki
Published by Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel 

21.09.19- 26.02.20


Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel

Solo exhibition
Curator Aya Lurie


Interview (FR)


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