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Project "Shmezalel -Museum"

"Shmezalel Museum" is  an open public  project in Tel Aviv, which was produced in period November -January 2016-2017. "Shmezalel Museum" is a drawing course by Shmezalel school of arts. "Shmezalel Museum" had ten, 3 hours each, sessions. Every pair of session took place in different locations in Tel Aviv and surroundings: such as: Tel Aviv beach, Park Ganney Yehoshua , Park Hahurshot, Rabin Square, Jaffa promenade  and others. Each location was been dedicated to one of the famous paintings, beside them :"The Bachus" by Caravaggio, Uffizi Gallery, " Girl on a ball" by Pablo Picasso, Rushkin Museum,  "Venus" by Sandro Bottichelli , Uffizi Gallery, "Liberty leading the people" by Delacroix, Louvre and "Defense of Sebastopol" by Deineka, Russian State Museum. The location with its contemporary urban landscape was a background to a scene. The invited model re-enact the pose of the painted figure, thus the scene represented one from  the masterpiece but staged in a different reality of time and place. Students of the course were invited to paint from observation an outdoor replic of the masterpiece.

The following meeting took place at the same location, but this time students were asked to produce replicas of the masterpiece by observing the copy of the painting itself.

In this way, students explored the human body by themselves and learned how the old masters did it. 
The course was open to everyone - artists and experienced students, as well as beginners, ages 10 - 100.

This project was been supported by Asylum Arts, USA

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